Why is a church in the middle of the Pacific Northwest selling a Bible for $50?

A church in Washington state is selling a $50 Bible that’s a bit of a departure from the traditional way it sells a Bible in the United States.

The $50 “Bible Bible” is one of two that were donated to a local church for its sanctuary.

The other was a $75 “Biblical Bible” donated by a man who owns a construction company in the Seattle area.

The Bible Bible was bought from a local Bible study group.

The Bible Bible Bible is made from a recycled plastic bottle and has a wooden cross on one side and a bible in the other.

The church bought the Bible from the Seattle-based Bible study organization The Bible Fellowship for $250.

The church said it plans to continue using the Bible Bible for its events, though it said it has plans to sell other Bibles in the future.

The Seattle Times reported that the $50 bible has the same cross as the Bible that is sold in the Bible study groups.

The man who purchased the Bible said he bought it for his church because it was easier to handle than a Bible that had to be repaired every two or three years.

He said he hopes to eventually sell the $25 bible that’s currently in the church for around $50.