‘We’ve been through so much’: The most memorable moments from the 2017 NFL playoffs

“We’ve got to take this game to a whole new level,” NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said after the Cowboys’ 38-31 victory over the Philadelphia Eagles.

“We can’t allow ourselves to be distracted by what’s happening in the world.

And when we’re distracted, we have to take it to a new level.”

That’s a sentiment shared by other commissioner’s in recent years.

The New England Patriots were also in the Super Bowl.

But that was before they took a leap into the postseason.

Before they even had a chance to celebrate, they had to make a decision.

New England’s playoff berth wasn’t secured until Super Bowl LI, but a week later, the Patriots were in the game.

The Patriots went on to lose, but it was the culmination of a remarkable run that was just beginning.

It was the Patriots that set the standard for the NFL.

They were the first team in NFL history to win five straight Super Bowls, the first franchise to make it to five straight years, and the first to win more than one title in the same season since the New Orleans Saints in 2005.

This was a team that had been built by a group of young men, led by Hall of Famer Tom Brady, who were born in 1947 and 1946 respectively.

The team that started it all was one that would continue to thrive through its most memorable moment, a playoff win over the New York Giants in 2016 that helped catapult the Patriots into the top spot in the NFL in terms of winning percentage and number of seasons with a winning record.

It also helped the Patriots become the first club to win three consecutive Super Bowl titles.

In the past few years, the Pats have continued to play at a high level.

Their quarterback has been Brady, their defense is one of the best in the league and their offense has been able to put up big numbers on a regular basis.

The Pats have a chance this week to extend their run to five consecutive Super Series wins.

The question is whether the team can maintain that level of success with new coach Sean McDermott, who took over for a former Patriots general manager after the 2017 season.

He inherits a roster that’s one of just three teams to win four consecutive Super Bases.

But the Patriots will need to be on top of their game to win this week’s game.