What do you call a religion that’s not Muslim?

Religious groups are now calling for the removal of the term “Muslim” from the Australian Capital Territory’s census forms.

Queensland’s First Peoples Council, which represents Aboriginal Australians, said in a statement that “the term ‘Muslim’ was used to exclude, vilify and discriminate against Aboriginal Australians”.

“It is time for the Territory Government to re-impose the term ‘Queenslanders’ on the Census forms,” the group said.

“The term ‘Muslims’ was created to exclude and discriminate in a way that was not based on shared heritage, or shared beliefs.”

The First Peoples council’s president, David Sorensen, said the group’s statement was a “truly historic moment” in the history of the census.

Mr Sorense said the organisation was “extremely disappointed” that the Territory had not taken a stronger stance on the issue.

He said it was “very clear” that “a lot of Australians” wanted to see the term removed.

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