Mike Tyson’s religion

Mike Tyson, the boxing legend who has made millions off his fight fame, is reportedly an atheist.

According to The Associated Press, Tyson was asked in an interview about his religious views.

He responded that he is an agnostic, and that he does not believe in a god.

The AP reports that Tyson’s spokesperson declined to comment on the interview and referred all questions to Tyson’s lawyer.

He did not respond to an email from Newsweek.

Sources say Tyson, who is married to TLC star Liza Minnelli, does not attend church, though he has done that at some point in the past.

Tyson is a regular at his son’s high school basketball games.

Tyson was asked during a recent interview if he would pray for his son.

“He’s a really good guy, I’m sure he’ll do it,” Tyson said, according to the AP.