How to make Ramadan a great holiday

By Samara Shahab-Din | Business Insider”It is my belief that Ramadan is the time to rise, as I always say, and we can all do something to make this a great time of year for everyone in the community.”

The story of Islam and its Prophet Muhammad has been a subject of debate and controversy in recent years, especially as people seek to celebrate Ramadan in new ways.

In the past, Muslims have tried to limit celebrations, including using the fasting month of Ramadan for social gatherings and other activities.

But as the holiday matures, it becomes increasingly popular.

A Pew Research Center survey in 2017 found that 56% of Americans believe Muslims should celebrate Ramadan at least once a year.

And in a recent Gallup poll, 76% of Muslims in the U.S. said they plan to celebrate at least one Ramadan holiday this year.

As Ramadan approaches, here are five ways to celebrate this year:1.

Make a point of celebrating the month with the Muslim community.

A common strategy is to make a point to observe Ramadan together, and share stories of the year.

Many Muslim organizations have shared recipes for holiday meals and desserts, and shared how they’re planning to celebrate the month.

You can also read up on how to celebrate and share Ramadan at the United Arab Emirates’ Muslim-owned Al-Aqsa Mosque.2.

Join an event at the mosque.

Some mosques, including mosques in New York and Washington, D.C., have hosted Ramadan events for years, and there are also many non-religious events, such as Ramadan dinners and Ramadan concerts.3.

Organize a “Ramadan for everyone” event.

This is an opportunity to meet your neighbors, learn about the religious significance of Ramadan, and show your support for the holiday.

Some of the events include Muslim leaders speaking on national television and a Muslim celebration at the White House.4.

Get creative.

Make it your own by decorating your home with decorations and a Ramadan dinner or concert.

You could also put up a Ramadan calendar or an art gallery with art from around the world.5.

Make an event for yourself.

Many mosques have social activities to encourage Muslim observance.

Some have special Ramadan dinners where guests can participate in a fun socializing activity, such a dance.