How do you convert a religious practice into an Islamic one?

An Islamic doctor in the Afghanistan city of Mazar-e Sharif told a local TV channel that a patient who was being treated for a head injury had asked for an amputation.

“We tried to explain that the head injury was caused by a rock that had been thrown by an enemy.

But the patient kept on asking for amputation, so we tried to kill him,” Dr. Hamidullah Qadar said.

The doctor said the patient had gone to a doctor and asked for amputations, but the doctor did not agree.

After the patient was killed, a local mosque leader contacted the police, who took the case to the Islamic court.

Qadakar, who has a speciality in treating patients with head injuries, said he is now treating hundreds of patients a day.

“They are all asking me for amputators because they are dying,” he told the Mazar TV channel.

The Taliban have been accused of using head injuries as an excuse to kill civilians in Afghanistan and elsewhere.

In May, the country’s government launched an investigation into reports of Taliban fighters using head injury victims as human shields to attack Afghan security forces.

Human rights groups have called on the government to investigate reports of the use of head injury as a weapon.