Putin and Trump have a strange relationship

Putin and Donald Trump have reportedly been in regular contact since their election campaigns, with the Russian president’s personal Twitter account tweeting about Trump’s victory.

“We are very close to the president,” Putin tweeted on Tuesday.

Trump’s Twitter feed has been peppered with congratulatory messages from the president-elect, who tweeted on Monday that the two leaders had “totally won” the election.

In a statement to reporters, a Kremlin spokesperson said Putin and the president had discussed the upcoming visit of US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson to Moscow and his upcoming trip to Europe, including the upcoming meeting of Nato ministers.

“I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Mr Trump on his historic victory and wish him success in his new job,” the Kremlin spokesperson added.

Trump, in his victory speech, promised to “build the wall” between the US and Mexico.

In January, Putin said that if Trump won the election, he would send him a “huge gift” of “all kinds of goodies” including the nuclear codes.

“If you really want to be nice to him, give him the nuclear secrets.

If you want to help him, I can help you with a nuclear missile system,” Putin said.

Trump and Putin have maintained a frosty relationship, which the US president-for-life has called “unprecedented” and called a “disgrace”.

Trump’s son, Donald Trump Jr, tweeted that he was “proud” of the meeting.