How to become a Mormon in the new era of Donald Trump

The Mormon Church’s official website has officially announced the Church will be officially breaking away from the United States and establishing a new “missionary mission” in Canada.

This will be a new mission in Canada, according to a news release on the Mormon Church website.

Mormons in Canada will be able to be ordained by the Mormon leader in Canada who is in a relationship with the bishop in the U.S., the release stated.

A spokesperson for the LDS Church said this announcement is for the U, and not for the Church in the United Kingdom.

The spokesperson said this move would be in accordance with the LDS faith.

The Mormon Church has said the move to Canada is not a new decision.

In an interview with ABC News in January, President Henry B. Eyring said the church would be staying in the country and that there would be no new memberships.

The new mission will be known as “Missionary Canada.”

A spokesperson from the LDS church confirmed that this was the official announcement, and said the new mission would be established in 2019.

It is not known how many Mormons will be moving to Canada from the U., though the LDS website says more than 30,000 Mormons are currently living in the community.

The LDS Church announced the new missionary mission in a statement on its website.

“The Church will now focus on the Gospel, work with families and individuals of all faiths to build strong and enduring relationships, and work with leaders from all backgrounds to provide a better world,” the statement read.