Which of the Republican candidates is most religious?

Donald Trump and Tulsi Gabbard, the co-chairwomen of the Democratic National Committee, both hold strong beliefs about Christianity, which they believe are necessary to survive in a world where religion is seen as a threat to political stability.

Gabbar is a devout Christian, and Trump is a Presbyterian, according to a spokesperson for Gabbards presidential campaign.

In an interview with Fox News on Sunday, Trump said Gabbadges religion was something that was important to her, and that it was a matter of personal preference.

She said, “We are very religious people.

I think that’s a very strong thing.”

She added, “I would say that in our political life, we are very spiritual people.

We have a lot of spiritual faith.

I have faith in God.”

Trump has said he doesn’t believe in God and that God is a “fabric” that needs to be broken down.

Gabard has also made a number of statements that have been seen as inconsistent with Trump’s beliefs.

Gabs belief that God does not exist is inconsistent with her belief that there is no God and has been cited by a number religious groups as a reason why she shouldn’t run for office.

Gads faith in “humanity,” and her view that it is a myth, have been used by some Christian conservatives as a justification for supporting her bid.

“We’re not going to be swayed by what Donald Trump says,” Gabbardi said.

“He’s a man who has made himself an enemy of Christians, and I think he would have to change his beliefs, and if he does, it would be an awful tragedy.”

Gabbardo has said that she believes in the supernatural, that it’s something that should be studied by scientists and that she has seen evidence that the earth is billions of years old.

“It’s just that, you know, the thing is, it’s a pretty weak argument,” she said.

Gaby has said in the past that she doesn’t understand why Donald Trump would not support the Democratic Party’s platform that would include religious inclusion.

In a statement, Gaby said that “all people are created equal, regardless of their religion, creed, or political affiliation.”

She said that the “liberal agenda is driven by religious extremists who believe that religion and faith should be the primary source of morality in society.”

Gaby, who has been a supporter of Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, said that while she supports Sanders for president, “the Democratic Party has been so slow to make its platform more inclusive, especially when it comes to the issues of equality, that I feel compelled to run for the office of president of the United States.”

In the interview, Trump also praised Gabbadi, who was born in Hawaii, and said that he believes she is “a fighter for the cause.”

Gabe said that in order to be successful, “you have to be able to inspire, and when I say inspire, I mean, in a way, to have a vision, and then to get it to fruition, you have to have the will to do it.”

She continued, “To get it on the ballot, it has to be somebody who believes in you, somebody who is willing to do the work to get you elected, and also somebody who’s not going anywhere because that’s going to help the country.

That’s going a long way to winning.”

Trump’s comments come just days after a poll showed that the GOP frontrunner is now the most popular politician in the country with 51 percent support, according with the latest CBS News/YouGov poll.