Palestinian leader: ‘The West’s destruction is the solution’

In his first address to the U.N. General Assembly since being elected to the post last year, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas called on world leaders to support the Palestinian cause, and to act on the Arab League declaration of an international day of protest on Thursday against Israel’s continued occupation of Palestinian land.

“We call on all the international organizations, all the Arab countries, all countries of the region to support this Palestinian demand for justice and freedom,” Abbas said, using the Arabic acronym for the Palestinian Authority.

“Our position is simple: The West’s annihilation is the answer.”

The U.S., European Union, the United Nations, the Arab world and others have condemned Israel’s illegal construction of settlements in the West Bank and East Jerusalem, and its annexation of the Gaza Strip, the most densely populated area in the Middle East.

Palestinian President Abbas, center, speaks during a news conference at the United Nation headquarters in New York, Thursday, Feb. 5, 2021.

Abbas called for the immediate cessation of all settlement activity, including building in occupied territory.

The U, European Union and the United States have also condemned Israel for its ongoing occupation of the West.

(AP Photo/Julie Jacobson) In the address, Abbas said the U., EU, the U