Why ‘episcopal’ is still a thing

In a bid to make himself more palatable to the Mormon Church’s members, Sen. Amy Klobuchars (D-MN) has introduced a bill to make it easier for the church to claim to be a church. 

The proposal is part of an effort to make sure members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS) can use the title “episcopal” in their official documents, a move that has already been met with some resistance from the church.

In a statement to CNN, Klobucas office said she wanted to help make sure the church is viewed as a religious organization and not just a political group. 

“The bill also addresses other areas of concern for the LDS Church, including the use of the word ‘episcopalian,'” the statement said.

“The bill is important to ensure the LDS church is treated with the same respect and dignity it has enjoyed for many years.” 

The LDS Church was founded in 1830 in the Salt Lake Valley, which is now known as the Utah Valley.

In addition to being a church, it also claims to be the only Christian denomination in the world that does not have a temple. 

While the LDS has historically been a very small religious group, they have had a significant influence in politics and culture, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center, a nonprofit organization that monitors hate groups.

In 2013, the church released its first official policy on homosexuality and the use and promotion of homosexuality in a document called “Ensign,” which the church’s website describes as “a personal message from God.” 

While church leaders have denied any wrongdoing in its use of “episcopy” in the document, they did admit to using the term in a 2014 speech by President Thomas S. Monson, the second LDS president.

The LDS church has been embroiled in controversies in recent years over its teachings on race and LGBT issues.

In 2015, a leaked recording was released of a 2005 meeting in which LDS leaders discussed how to respond to criticism of church policies.

The church said it would use the recording to educate members on “racial justice.”

The church is also currently under scrutiny for its handling of the 2015 mass shooting in Orlando, Florida, in which 49 people were killed and 53 others injured.

While church leaders had initially blamed a “lone wolf” attack by a gay man for the attack, they later said the gunman, Omar Mateen, was inspired by the LDS religion. 

Last year, the LDS also had to defend the church after members of their church, the Church in Christ, were arrested in a domestic violence investigation.

The arrest came after a woman who was with members of LDS church family said she had a sexual relationship with one of the men arrested.