How to get a job with a Muslim job interview

A Muslim woman who wants to join the clergy in the UK has found herself having to take a job interview with a religious job interview company. 

The job seeker has had to fill out an application form for a job in a local Orthodox church. 

“I’m going to be a priest in the local church, but if they ask me to fill in an application to become a bishop, I’ll have to decline,” she told The Independent.

“I will be on a waiting list to be considered for a bishop.

It’s not the job I want to do.”

The job applicant has been told she can fill in the form and get a “good experience” as a bishop if she passes a pre-employment interview. 

A spokesperson for the Job Centre said: “We are always looking for candidates to join our church in order to work as a parish priest in a place of worship.”

To be eligible for this role, candidates must meet the requirements for membership, as well as having a valid job offer, which can be in the area of church, ministry or religious service.

“A spokesman for the Church of Scotland said: “It is a privilege to have the support of our members and to be working alongside them. 

We would like to make it clear that we will not discriminate against applicants who wish to become church leaders.” 

The Church of England has confirmed it has been in touch with the Job Center, though it did not comment on whether it would extend an invitation to the job seeker. 

In January the Church announced it was “reviewing” its position on hiring for positions in the Church. 

(Image: Rex) A Church of Wales spokesman said:”There is a clear line between the clergy and lay people, but we do not comment about applicants for pastoral work.”

It’s about what the job is and what they can contribute.”

In terms of our position, it is always up to the individual to make a decision about the position.

“If someone has not worked in a church and feels they would be suited to the role, they can contact the church.” 

In a statement, the Church’s Director of Communications, Kate Davies, said: “The Church has had contact with the Christian Job Centre about this issue. 

It is important that the Jobcentre is open and inclusive for all.” 

(H/T: Daily Mail) The Church said it would not discriminate in the job market.