Gauri Lankesh: True religion symbol ‘giant’ and ‘beautiful’

Gauri Lankaesh is the founder of the Hindu-Muslim organisation True Religion and is the spiritual leader of Hindu and Muslim communities in Australia.

She is a devout follower of Hinduism, and is a member of the World Congress of Families.

In an interview with The Australian’s The World Today program, Lankesh said she is proud of her religion.

“I believe in the true religion and I believe in what the Quran has said,” she said.

“In the Quran, the angels say the world is full of evil and we should do something about it.”

She said it was important to be proud of who you are.

“When you look at my religion, I am a proud Hindu and I am proud of that.

I’m proud of my heritage, I’m very proud of being Muslim, and I’m not proud of what happened in my past,” she told The World.

Lankaesh is known for her vocal opposition to Islam and the persecution of Hindu minorities in India.

She has spoken out against Australia’s immigration restrictions and recently spoke out on her organisation’s website in support of the Muslim women in the country who have been imprisoned and forced to marry non-Muslims.

“A lot of my brothers and sisters are in jail in India for their faith, they are being imprisoned for not marrying Muslim men,” she wrote.

Lankesh also praised the recent wave of “violent attacks” against Muslims in Australia, and described them as “beautiful”.

“We are blessed that we are living in this day and age,” she added.

“It is an important time for the world to come together and be able to express their freedom of speech and be proud that we live in a free country,” she concluded.