Which religion is your favourite? This list is by no means exhaustive but it does offer some interesting insights.

The Bible is the first scripture we learn to follow as a child.

The book of the Bible is believed to have been written by God Himself.

The Old Testament (the bible of the Jewish and Christian faiths) was compiled around the seventh century BC.

The New Testament (which comprises the New Testament of the Catholic Church, the New International Version of the Old Testament, and the New English Bible) was written around the end of the 19th century and was published in 1649.

However, the Bible does contain many contradictions, so it is not surprising that it is a controversial subject.

The Bible also contains numerous other religious texts.

Here are five of the most popular ones: Buddhism Buddhism is a religion in which the teachings of Buddha, the founder of the Lotus Sutra, are central.

Buddhism is considered to be one of the four great religions in the world.

Christianity Christianity is a worldwide religion, with millions of adherents in many countries.

It is the world’s second most popular religion after Islam.

Hinduism Hinduism is an ancient Hindu religion that predates Buddhism by thousands of years.

The teachings of the Buddha are central to Hinduism, as are his teachings about the nature of existence and salvation.

Islam Islam is an Islamic religion that is also based on the teachings and teachings of Buddhism.

However Islam is more widely spread than Buddhism.

Judaism Judaism is a major religion in the Jewish world, and is considered the second-most popular religion in most of the world (excluding the Muslim world).

Judaism has been around since the sixth century BC, and although it was originally based on a rabbinical system, it has become the religion of many people.

Hindu Christianity Hinduism was a major religious system in India, and its teachings are central in Hinduism.

Christianity is the third-most common religion in Western Europe.

Judaism Hinduism has been a major faith for more than 2,000 years, and has become a major part of the cultural life of many nations in the modern world.

Judaism was the main religion of Jesus’ followers and their followers today.

Islam The world’s oldest religious tradition, Islam is the largest religious movement in the Islamic world.

It has existed for more or less one thousand years, though some estimates suggest it was around 1,000 AD.

The Koran is considered by many Muslims to be the word of God.

Its teachings are believed to be central to Islam.

Judaism Christianity is one of Islam’s three main religious traditions, the other two being Judaism and Christianity.

Islam is one the worlds oldest religions.

Judaism is one and a half thousand years old.

Islam has existed in many parts of the Muslim World for thousands of centuries.

Buddhism Buddhism was the oldest religious system known to humanity, and it is considered one of four major religions.

Buddhism was one of several monotheistic religions.

Christianity Catholicism is a Catholic Church-based religion that has existed since the first century AD.

Catholicism is considered a major Christian religion, and Christianity has existed ever since the Middle Ages.

Judaism Buddhism is the religion that inspired Jesus and is the only religion known to exist today.

Judaism has existed from the seventh to the 12th centuries.

Christianity The Christian faith is considered part of a global Christian community.

Christianity was founded by John the Baptist around the year AD 400, and spread throughout the centuries.

The first Christians to be martyred were the Jewish followers of Jesus.

Islam Christianity has been an active religion for more that 2,500 years.

Islam was founded in the seventh and 8th centuries by Muhammad, who became known as “The Messenger of God”.

Christianity has many followers worldwide, and there are many denominations in the religion.

Judaism The worlds largest religion, Judaism is the second largest religion in Judaism, and accounts for approximately 30% of the total Jewish population.

Judaism originated in ancient Israel, and was the religion practiced by the Israelites.

Islam There are many variations of Islam, but the basic belief is that Muslims are the followers of the Prophet Muhammad.

Judaism Islam is a universal religion.

It was first written in the 7th century BC by Moses, who is considered as one of its founders.

Christianity Islam is not a monotheism, and in Islam, people do not have the same rights and privileges as in Judaism.

Christianity has survived the rise of Islamic terrorism.

Judaism Jews were expelled from Israel and moved to Palestine in the 9th century AD, after which they remained there for nearly a millennium before they were forced out by the Romans.

Judaism continues to be an important religious tradition in the Christian world, as well as in many other religions.

Islam Judaism is also a major Islamic faith, and Islam is considered more important than Judaism.

Buddhism The word for Buddhism means “emancipation”.

Buddhism was founded more than two thousand years ago in Thailand.

Today it is the seventh most popular Buddhist religion in Thailand, and many Buddhists go to Thailand for pilgrimage.

Judaism Buddhist is the name given to the teachings about karma, which