Iran says it’s willing to work with Israel, U.S. on nuclear deal

IRAN (AP) Iran said Monday it would work with the United States and Israel on a nuclear deal, a statement the two countries have long accused of being a cover for Tehran’s nuclear ambitions.

The announcement by Iran’s state news agency said Tehran had “agreed to cooperate with the U.N. Security Council in the implementation of the nuclear agreement” and was willing to take part in a nuclear watchdog and other initiatives.

It was not immediately clear what steps would be taken.

The United States has long criticized Iran’s nuclear activities as a threat to global security.

Iran says its program is aimed at developing nuclear weapons for peaceful purposes.

Israel, which is also seeking a nuclear accord with Tehran, said it would review Iranian plans for developing nuclear bombs.

“We have been informed by Iran that it is open to working with us on nuclear cooperation, including cooperation in monitoring and verification of its nuclear program, and other relevant measures to address nuclear issues,” Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said at a news conference Monday.