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Joe Biden has made a point of praising the Roman Catholic Church in the past.

But on Sunday, he also made a clear distinction between the Roman and Catholic Church.

Speaking during a rally in Louisville, Kentucky, Biden said, “You know, the first thing that we must remember is that the Roman Church is the oldest and the largest in the world.

I’ve always believed that the Catholic Church is also the oldest.

The Catholic Church was founded by a guy named St. Ignatius of Loyola who was a man who believed that when we see a woman in a dress, we’re seeing the Lord in her.

That’s how I got my first idea of what the Catholic faith was.”

Biden continued: “I don’t have any quarrel with the Catholic church.

I have a great disagreement with their teaching on sex.

And that’s what we’re going to get to.”

Bidens comment on the Catholic tradition came just two days after he said he believed the Vatican would be the next U.S. administration that would “dramatically change” the U.N. and the way the world works.

“I do not believe that a man, in a position of power, can just do whatever he wants with the world and the world will change,” Biden said.

“We’ve got to change the United Nations.

from the Paris climate agreement. “

Biden’s comments came as he continued to defend his support of the president-elect’s decision to withdraw the U,S.

from the Paris climate agreement.

The president-president tweeted that he was withdrawing from the pact as of Sunday, which is in addition to his withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal, a move that will save the U