New Orleans mayor seeks help for Muslim community

New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu said Monday that he will work to help a Muslim community facing a wave of hate crimes after he announced a plan to hire security guards for his home.

Landrieus plan, which includes the hiring of a private security firm, is a response to a rash of attacks that have targeted Muslims in recent months.

The president of the Muslim American Society of New Orleans, which represents about 2,000 Muslim residents, said he welcomed Landrieufs plan and said it will help his community.

“The Muslim community is in dire need of security,” Mohammed Sadiq said.

“We are all here to help, but it is a priority for us to help people.

I think it is important for our community to know that we have a plan in place.”

Landrieuyu said he has received complaints about hate crimes targeting Muslims in New Orleans.

He said he will meet with local police, city and federal officials to see if there is a way to help Muslim community members feel safe.

The mayor also said he would ask the federal government to grant his request for the private company to protect his home and office.

The new policy came as Louisiana, home to the nation’s fifth-largest Muslim population, grapples with an influx of refugees from Syria and Iraq.

Last week, a Louisiana State University student was charged with attempted murder after he allegedly fatally shot a homeless man outside a mosque.

The university released a statement Monday saying that the campus police and university’s campus security team were working with authorities to investigate the incident and that “the campus community is safe.”

Landryu said the private security company would work with the city to help the community.

The city also is looking into hiring private security for businesses, schools and churches that have become targets of anti-Muslim hate crimes.

Landryus office said it would send out a notification to the city’s public schools, including those in the predominantly Muslim district of New Carrollton, saying it is hiring private guards to protect the city.

The New Orleans police department has said it has hired private security in the past for the city, including for the Port-au-Prince airport.

The department also is working with the New Orleans Metropolitan Police Department to hire private security to protect Muslim businesses.

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