How to Make a Religion in 3 Easy Steps

By Douglas Emhoff | 11 February 2018 06:58:18 Douglas Emhof has created an amazing religion.

A religion that will be born out of his life experience and his love for music.

Emhof and his band, the Baha’i International Folk and Spiritual Music Association (BIFMA), have released a brand new album called ‘Oath of the Bitter Truth’.

Emhof, a British musician and composer, was born in Glasgow, Scotland in 1971, to Scottish parents.

He started playing the guitar at age six, and started writing his first songs at age 12.

At age 16, he began his first solo album, called ‘Lights on the Sun’, which became a Top Ten single in England and a No. 1 UK single.

He recorded the album at the BIFMA’s studio in Birmingham.

In 1988, Emhof wrote a new song called ‘A Night on the Town’, which was followed by a successful tour, selling over 10 million copies in the UK alone.

The BIFAMA is the only Baha-led, worldwide non-religious music association that is not connected to a church.

“Oath Of The Bitter-Truth is my attempt to make a religion in the world’s most progressive, non-sectarian, nonsectarian and non-profit music, music with a real human impact,” Emhof told Next Big Futures.

The new album has been released on vinyl and digitally.

Emhoff said that “the world needs a religion that represents the people of the world in an age where the people are being pushed out of their culture”.

“The music is important, but the message is even more important.

It is not only about religion, but it is about our collective responsibility to live for each other,” Emhoff added.

Emhardt said that the album is about “how we are all the same, we are living our lives in the same time and place.

There are many, many ways to look at it, but what I love about it is that it’s a true religion and I can live and work in it.”

The album was written in collaboration with Tom Cruise.

Emhart and Cruise are known for their passion for their respective cultures, and Cruise said that he was inspired by Emhof’s “beautiful and honest songs.”

“We really wanted to get in touch with the people who are here, and really get them to understand that we’re all in this together,” Cruise said.

Emmys winner Emhoff has also collaborated with Tom Petty, Neil Young and Carrie Underwood.

“I really want to connect with my audience, but also have them understand that I’m also here to help people, and that I have a big heart,” Emhart said.

The album includes Emhoff’s first solo record, which he recorded for his band at BIFAMA’s studio.

Emhard has been a guest artist on many albums for the BIFFA, including ‘Hang on to Your Guns’ (2005), ‘Dirty Bird’ (2010) and ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’ (2014).

“I think that this album is a good example of what a music artist should aspire to be, and what I think music can be,” Emhardt told Next Black Future.

Emhons music is inspired by the Biffa’s religious teachings.

He has said that his music was inspired in part by the teachings of his parents, a former minister and former teacher at BIFFMA.

“They told me that music is an act of surrender, and is the ultimate expression of the love and respect we have for each others’ souls,” Emhon said.

In addition to the new album, Emhoff released the ‘A Prayer to God’, which he has called “a prayer to the gods of music”.

“A prayer to God, a prayer to Jesus Christ, a praying to the Holy Ghost, and a prayer of thanksgiving for everything you have ever achieved in your life, and for everything that you are to come to know in the future,” Emhrons album reads.

Emhouws latest album ‘A Day With God’ has already sold over 10,000 copies in its first week on sale.

“My hope is that with this album, I am able to give back to the world something that is so vital to me, something that has been so much to me and that has so much meaning to me,” Emho, Emhouds first solo release, said.

“The hope is to spread a bit of hope, but at the same I hope that the message of the music is something that can bring people together.

The message is about how we are the same.

The music is about the same,” Emhorn said.

He also has a new film coming out called ‘The End of the World’.

The film, which will premiere on February 11, is titled ‘The Last Day of Life’.

Emhoff also